A Better Way to Sell: Target the Right Buyers

Register for a ValueFind Seller AccountTired of chasing after buyers and paying pricey selling fees with little to no return? We don't blame you. When you use ValueFind's "Ask for It!" feature, you can approach qualified buyers who are in the market for your products. It just may be the easiest (and most profitable) selling you'll ever do.

How it Works
  1. Whatever type of item you're selling—from electronics to appliances to video games—you'll find a relevant category for it on ValueFind. View available categories
  2. Once you have chosen your product categories, buyers can use the "Ask for It!" function to submit a request to purchase one of your items for a specified price and/or perk (i.e. free shipping, free gift wrap, etc). Think of it as a free lead, delivered right to your email inbox!
  3. You can either accept the buyer's request as-is, accept it with some changes and send it back for the buyer's approval, reject the request, or simply ignore it.
  4. If you decide to send an offer back to the buyer, you have the option of setting a deadline for them to complete the transaction.
Compete by Price or Value

Sure, price is important, but value can take many different forms. As a preferred seller, you'll have the option to offer perks in addition to price reductions, giving you a competitive advantage without dwindling margins. This is an excellent benefit for smaller merchants who may not have the capability to slash prices.

Even better, because all correspondence between you and the buyer is private, you'll have the flexibility to extend special pricing or perks without compromising other purchase paths.

Why become a preferred seller on ValueFind?

Once the buyer has accepted your offer, you will fulfill the order and handle any transactional issues that may arise.

Could You Be Our Next Preferred Seller?

The "Ask for It!" feature is specially designed to meet the needs of high-volume sellers who can accommodate large numbers of requests from buyers. If you don't already have one, we require that you obtain a seal of approval from a reputable trust certification authority, such as BBBOnLine or TRUSTe, to ensure buyers' peace of mind.

Get Started—it's Quick, Easy, and Free!

To start selling on ValueFind, simply click Register below and we'll guide you through the entire process. Streamline and simplify the selling process, and give your bottom line a boost!

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